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Neuros OSD Firmware Emergency Upgrade Instructions

This page describes the Emergency Upgrade process for the Neuros OSD. Use this method only if your Neuros OSD has become unresponsive. If your Neuros OSD still responds, please try one of the standard upgrade methods first.

You can also learn more about the Neuros OSD and how it can help you digitally organize and easily access your DVDs and VHS tapes. If you wish to purchase a Neuros OSD, please visit The Neuros Technology Store.

Emergency Upgrade
To upgrade your Neuros OSD, you will load the firmware version onto storage media, then reboot your Neuros OSD with the storage media in the drive. Different storage media will work with different firmware versions. The table below describes which storage option you should choose, based on your current firmware.

 Firmware versionStorage media 
  • 3.28-1.00 or later (the vast majority of newly purchased Neuros OSDs)
  • CompactFlash, SD, MMC, Memory Stick
  • Before 3.28-1.00
  • CompactFlash works reliably.
  • SD may work, but not all cards are supported and not all firmware supports SD.

Now that you know your storage media, follow these steps.
  • Connect your storage media to your PC or Mac. You may require the use of a Multi Card Reader, if your computer does not support your storage media.
  • Create a folder named "newpackage" (without the quotes) on your storage media.
  • Download the latest firmware to your computer.
  • Move the downloaded firmware file to the "newpackage" folder, and rename the file to "r3.upk".
  • Right-click on the following link and choose Save Link As or Save Target As, and save the file to your "newpackage" folder on your storage media: disable_upk_version_check. Please ensure the file does not have a .htm or .html extension after you save it.
  • Disconnect the storage media from your computer and plug it into your Neuros OSD.
  • Disconnect and then reconnect the power cord to your Neuros OSD.
  • The system will boot and immediately begin to upgrade your Neuros OSD to the latest firmware.

If you have any questions, please contact