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What are the key features of the Neuros OSD?

  • Record Anything (DVDs, VHS tapes or TV shows) from standard video source with RCA or S-video output. Videos are saved in the open MP4 video format. You can even schedule timed recordings of your favorite shows and movies.
  • Store Anywhere. Use the Neuros OSD USB or Ethernet port to save files onto USB external hard drives, NAS (networked attached storage), or networked PCs.
  • Play Everywhere. Enjoy the recorded content on your TV or on-the-go on laptops and Portable Media Players like the iPod, PSP, Smartphones...
  • And much more! The Neuros OSD will also allow you to play MP4 videos downloaded from the internet, music, slide shows of photos and even has a Youtube browser. See our product spec sheet for more information on the device capabilities.