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How do I format my USB hard drive to FAT 32?

For Windows
If you want to record to/play from an external hard drive, you will need it to be formatted in FAT 32 file system. However, Windows imposes a limitation that prevents users from formatting a drive to a size greater than 32GB. As most drives these days are greater than 32GB, we recommend the following:
  1. Format your drive using Windows and a free program called SwissKnife. A manual on how to use this program can be found here.
  2. Some customers have experienced problems with SwissKnife. If you are one of them, please try using the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool.
  3. If this solution does not work as well, try using the RidgeCrop FAT 32 Formatter. You will have to download fat32format.exe. Please save this file to your C drive (C:\). From Windows, click Start. Click Run. Type cmd. From the comand prompt, type C: and press enter. Find the drive letter for your external drive in My Computer. For example, say it is drive X:. "Type Fat32Format X:" without the quotes. Your hard drive will be formatted. Make sure to use the drive letter of your external drive. Do not use C:! This will format your computer's HD!
  4. If you are still having trouble, please try mkdosfs FAT 32 Formatter.

For Mac OS X
We have found instructions on how to format your external hard drive to FAT 32 on your Mac OS X here.

Please note that these tools and references are not supported by Neuros Technology.