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Will the Neuros OSD work after the digital over-the-air conversion happens on February 17, 2009, in the United States?

Yes. Users who record TV directly may need to adjust their settings. Please visit the Digital Conversion Compatibility page for detailed information on which devices will be affected and how to adjust your setup.

Can I record straight from a camcorder?

As long as the camcorder has an output of either S-video or RCA (red, yellow, and white connections) then yes, the OSD can record from the camcorder.

What is included with the OSD?

OSD unit, stand, remote, 2 sets of RCA cables, IR blaster cable, VGA output cable, batteries, AC adapter, and instructions.

You can watch a video of the contents of the Neuros OSD box below, from our friends at Gear Diary.

Can I record straight from a coaxial cable line?

No, you will need a VCR that will act like a cable box tuner or you will need a special converter/tuner.

Where can I buy replacement/better quality video cables?

We deliberately chose standard cables that you can buy just about anywhere. Look for mini AV connectors, or just ask for mini-to-composite connectors at your local RadioShack. Replacement cables can also be purchased directly from the Neuros Technology Store.

How do I turn it off?

You may have noticed that the OSD does not have an on/off switch. If it is plugged in, it is turned on, and vice versa. However, there really is no downside to leaving it on ALL the time. The OSD draws little to no power when it is not being used and the heat generated by the OSD is negligible. If you are truly concerned about leaving it on, you can simply unplug it, but this really isn't necessary.

Can I control the OSD WITHOUT the Remote?

At this time, there is no way to control the OSD without using the remote. Currently osdmain (the app that plays movies, music, shows the menu...) is one monolithic app that doesn't allow interaction from the outside. Once this barrier has been overcome people can start work on ways to interact with the OSD over the web. There have already been several successful attempts at running web servers on the OSD itself. Stay tuned for updates.

How do I set up the Neuros OSD?

With the supplied cables, you use one for your source (DVD player, cable box, VCR, etc), then the other cable will go to one of your video inputs on the back of your TV. The cable from the source will go into the AV IN on the back of the OSD, and the cable to your TV will be coming from the AV OUT on the Neuros OSD.

I hear sound, but don’t see a picture, what do I do?

This may be due to the cables being plugged in incorrectly. Please verify that the White/Yellow/Red cables are plugged into the appropriate color coded ports on the source and the TV. If you are using the S-Video input, please note that S-Video does not cover Audio. You will need to use the White and Red audio cables to ensure you are receiving audio from your source.

Why is my audio/video recordings distorted?

If the cables aren’t securely inserted, or crossed this may cause interference. One thing that usually works is swapping the cables around. A wireless card may also cause interference if it's near the OSD.